Yountville: The French Laundry, The Autograph (Encore Post) / by Alice Zhao

We brought our copy of The French Laundry Cookbook with us hoping we'd catch Thomas Keller for an autograph. He wasn't there but the staff was quick to offer to take the book and have Keller sign it and send it back to our house. For $15, why the heck not? It arrived this past week and we did a little photoshoot today. Daylight is great, even if it's really gloomy outside!

Thomas Keller Cookbooks

Thomas Keller Autograph"It's all about finesse" - Keller's classic autograph line.

Thomas Keller AutographYes, we stole it. jk!

French Laundry Clothespin
I hope you've enjoyed this French Laundry post-fest. This is as romantic as we get on Valentine's Day. ;)