Yountville: The French Laundry, The Chef de Cuisine / by Alice Zhao

At the end of the meal, we asked to get a tour of the kitchen. Thomas Keller wasn't at the restaurant but of course Corey Lee, the chef de cuisine was on the line. It was pretty awesome to see. We snapped a lot of pictures, he probably thinks we have a kindergarten crush on him. Corey looked up at us, smiled and said "How's it going?". I tend to become speechless when I meet people with any level of celebrity. I suddenly had absolutely nothing to say (like when I met Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants and just stared at him). Jared on the other hand got talking right away and asked him about the Keller-Achatz-$1500-a-head cook-offs. I, of course, just stood there the whole time, smiling like a fool.

The Chef de Cuisine, Corey Lee.

Corey Lee, slicing the mackerel