ZEAST: Neptune Oyster, Boston / by zhaophotography

After our fabulous trip in NYC, we were ready to move on.  Next on our ZEAST trip was a pit stop in Boston.  Since we only spent $17.50 each on our Bolt Bus ride (transportation in style with free WiFi!) from NYC to Boston, we splurged by staying at the W Hotel.  (Swanky!)  We picked up some banh mi sandwiches in Chinatown for a short picnic in Boston Common and then strolled along Newberry street on a lovely late summer day.  What a different having just come from NYC.  Boston is incredibly quaint and peaceful in comparison.  Well preserved history was around every corner and dare I say it, it made me feel a whole lot more American?? :)

The Redcoats are coming!  The Redcoats are coming!  Hide the Lobsters, hide yo kids hide yo wives!

For our first real meal, we headed over to the North End to meet up with our newest blogger friends, B and her husband E of Have Spork Will Travel.  The streets were packed with restaurant goers and the lines were long everywhere we went.  We finally managed a seat at Neptune Oysters and good times were had talking about food, travel and photography while we munched on local Boston seafood fare.

Oyster shucking

You can't start a grand seafood meal without an ice cold beer!

Oyster Menu

Oysters & Clams

Jared ordered his favorite Kumamoto and other local oysters to start the meal.  The oysters were clean and briny!!  mmmh

Lobster Roll & Fries

Here is our first lobster roll of this trip.  We were hoping to order our first lobster rolls from shacks along the coast, but Jared couldn't pass up lobster or crab.  It's his kryptonite.  This one was tasty and set the bar for the rest of our trip.

Mussels & Johnny Cakes

The Johnny Cakes were the highlight of the night with the crab meat and the caviar on top.

Afterwards, we stood in the longest line ever for the famous cannolis at Modern Pastry.  This is probably the first time I've had a real cannoli. And... I'll be honest, if this is the best cannoli ever, then maybe I just don't like cannolis.  Between the chunky cream and the thick pastry shell, I just didn't enjoy it.  *shrugs*

Neptune Oyster 63 Salem St # 1 Boston, MA 02113-2273 (617) 742-3474 www.neptuneoyster.com

Modern Pastry 257 Hanover Street Boston, Massachusetts 02113 (617) 523-3783

Up next... our road trip through Maine!