ZSAT: Kuala Lumpur, Petronas Towers / by Alice Zhao

We had only one day in Kuala Lumpur and it sort of ended being a bust, due to my poor planning. Originally we were going to head to the Batu Caves for Deepavali celebrations. After we had breakfast, Jared spoke briefly with a taxi driver who told us that the traffic to Batu Caves would be extremely heavy and that he'd have to charge us more than we thought it was worth. With that idea shot down, we headed to try to check into our hotel which was supposed to be close to Little India and I thought maybe there would be some sort of celebration going in that area. When we arrived at the hotel, we found out that they had a strict 2pm policy so we'd have to figure out what to do in the meantime. We headed to central market thinking we'd check out Little India and that's when we realized that it was an area full of Muslim Indians and not Hindu Indians. Crap. Once again we were out of luck in being part of any Deepavali celebration.
We had only walked a couple blocks when we already felt like dying of heat! We ducked into a mall and picked up a couple drinks to refuel.
False advirtisement, durian drink is actually sour sop. What a let down. :)

We walked around an open market around Central Market and were convinced to pick up some rambutan. It's a fruit very similar to lychee and longan, all which Jared is allergic to. It's been a while since he's had some, so he thought "hey maybe i'm not allergic anymore, let's test this out!".
Yep, he's still allergic! Jared needed a break to recover from his stuffy nose and constant sneezing. My poor hubby :(. We ended up giving the rest of of it to our taxi driver the next day.
jackfruit and rambutan

Roast Chicken and rice, nasi kandar and teh tarik. Not pictured are tandoori chicken with naan, assam laksa, char kway teow and cendol to finish off the meal

Without any planning, we decided to eat at the food court in the KLCC building. Unlike food courts in American malls, filled with fast food chains, the food courts in Malaysia are filled with small stands that sell street hawker food. Awesome. And AC, double AWESOME!! They had stalls marked with Chinese/Nonya/Thai/Indian/Japanese food... We walked from stand to stand staring at both the menu and the food displays. We decided to pick separate dishes to bring back to our table. We got roasted chicken rice (This is the first time we had chicken rice on this trip. We were planning on saving our chicken rice virginity till we got to Singapore, but they looked so good hanging from the hooks) Nasi Kandar, tandoori chicken with naan, more assam laksa, char kway teow and finally more cendol. Jared ended almost every dinner with a bowl! Boy we were stuffed. Good thing we walked it off by going shopping. I wish all food courts were like this.

Since we got free tickets to check out the bridge at the KLCC mall, we came back here after we checked into our hotel. With the heat and the recent downpour of rain, the humidity was a little unbearable for us, so we decided to stay within the mall. But we did step outside for a bit to take this pic of Mr. Asparagus with the Petronas towers :)
See, even Mr. Asapragus is sad he didn't get to head up Batu Caves... =/
I was pretty disappointed that the day wasn't as great as I originally planned, but hey we learned a good lesson the hard way that day- Jared is still allergic to tropical stone fruits like rambutan, lychee and longan (oops!).