ZSAT: Narita Airport / by Alice Zhao

OK, OK so you can't be all that surprised that our first post about ZSAT (the Zhao super asia trip!) is about Narita airport, can you? We had a four hour layover before our next flight to Singapore. That was certainly welcomed after the 12 hour flight that took us from Chicago to Tokyo. I was in a daze and my butt was extremely sore!! We needed to walk it off and to find us some grub. I'm telling you, only in Asia will you find that the food in airports, convenience stores and food courts do not thoroughly suck.
Narita is an older airport so it lacked the modernity and the food selection of newer airports. Plus we were in the international terminal, so we didn't get access to the rest of the food stalls. We ended up settling for some nuked packaged ramen (not dried) which I would still prefer over getting yet another McDonald's burger. We also stocked up on drinks (mmmh Kirin gogo no kocha and jared's favorite Ito En cold green tea) and snacks before our flight. I gotta say, this was not a bad way to start our foodie holiday!

Shoyu & Miso Ramen
Waiting patiently to board this flight. Only 2 more hours to go at Narita.
We brought along Mr. Asaparagus (made by the talented Steff Bomb). He too, is ready for the next leg to Singapore!
Our flight was not full at all, so I took the opportunity to hog my own row and snapped this photo of Mr. Eat a Duck I Must reading his new Japanese culinary magazine from afar. After which I promptly laid down across 3 seats and slept right through this 6 hour flight. Ahhhh, if only all economy flights were this spacious.