ZSAT: Penang Hawker Stands / by Alice Zhao

Seriously, I can really get used to breakfast in Penang. We woke up early the next morning and checked out Hai Onn Restaurant and I'll be honest, I have no idea what we ate. The cooks/staff weren't so helpful this time, so we pointed at things that looked good in the cart and also pointed at things on other people's tables. :) It wasn't until after we returned did we find out what we ate. Luckily no endangered animals were harmed during this breakfast.

Penang Breakfast

Prawn Mee (shrimp noodles); fried tofu; fried shrimp fritters (these were so good, we ordered another plate; boiled octopus; and fishball koay teow soup (fishballs with flat rice noodle soup)

Hai Onn Restaurant by morning sells hawker food and from noon on, it becomes a restaurant which you can order traditional Hainese food.

Hai Onn Restaurant
53- 55 Burma Road
10050 Penang
After breakfast we decided to check out a well known ice shop that we wanted to try the day before. We walked around for a bit trying to find this place of off our printed Google maps. It took us a couple walks up and down the same street before we spotted the ice shop. It turns out that though a place is well known, it does not mean it's well marked!

It was barely open and the sign for the shop was so small that we passed it a couple times. Other vendors inside the cafe were still setting up shop for lunch. But since we were there already and really had no where else to go that early in the morning, we waited for the ice shop lady to finish setting up. I am pretty sure she gave us a look of disdain before she came over and took our order for ice kacang with 2 scoops of durian ice cream. The shaved ice includes red beans, fruit syrup, condensed milk, jelly, sweet corn and ice cream. We can't say too much about creamed corn, but the durian ice cream was nice and creamy and not overly pungent. The rest of the dessert I think for people who are intent on trying out durian for the first time that durian ice cream is the (safest) way to go.

Kek Seng, Dessert, Durian Ice CreamIce kacang with durian ice cream

Kek Seng Coffee Shop
382 - 384 Penang Road
10000 Penang

Business Hours : 11am - 4.30pm

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the air conditioned Gurney Plaza mall. I'm sorry, but we just needed a longer break from all the heat! We bought these at a pastry shop in Gurney mall-they were too cute to pass up. We mostly just wanted the pretty dragon fruit piece on the tart.

Mini assorted fruit tarts

Earlier that day, we asked our our taxi driver (who spoke Cantonese) to recommend some nighttime hawker stalls for our final meal in Penang. He recommended several of them off of McCallister so we just chose the busiest one. We walked into the market and a lady from the cafe offered us a table. The deal with these larger hawker centers is that you order your food at each stall and show them where you sit so that they can bring it to you later. The drink vendors on the other hand hunt you down, offer you a table and try to get you to order drinks from them. It's a little confusing and we watched this poor tourist sit down behind us and was served a beer right away. He sat there for a while and seemed unaware that he was not going to be waited on for food. Either he didn't understand the process or just wasn't hungry. He got up after he finished his beer and left before I could convince Jared to help him out. I still kind of feel bad but I didn't want to assume he was unaware!
Penang, Night Market
Motorcycles whizzing by in night market off McCalister Road and Lorong Baru

Anyways, we sat at a table and ordered a nice cold bottle of Carlsberg beer and off goes Jared to pick out tonight's dinner. After a short while, dishes of delcious food started to crowd our table.
Penang, Night Market, Hawker FoodThe stand that spoke the most Cantonese got most of our business! Blanched cockles, my new seafood obsession with a chili sauce, We like them fully cooked, otherwise it tastes a little fishy. though many others like to eat this dish medium rare; Stir fried lala kam-heong style, the best I had on this trip. Great curry sauce with plenty of wok hei; Grilled unknown fish on banana leaf. The fish was nice and aromatic. Not sure what kind of fish this is, Jared saw her grilling one and ordered the same one.
Penang, Night Market, Hawker Food
chick satay with plenty of peanut sauce; curry mee; grilled chicken wings (these were recommended by the fish lady above, and boy was she right. The wings were nice and sticky from the bbq lacquer and nice and crispy from being grilled, it was finger lickin' good), oyster omelet (this one was just ok... the oysters tasted strange)

Penang, Night Market, Hawker Food

the ever refreshing cendol

It was too bad we found this place on our last day in Penang, we would of came here every night had we found it sooner. Especially since it was actually quite close to our hotel. Well we probably would have had we not passed out early every evening! But overall it was a great way to end our trip here in Penang.