ZSAT: Singapore, Wisma Atria Food Court / by Alice Zhao

After our 1 day tryst in Kuala Lumpur, we hopped on a flight to Singapore the next morning. We were pretty excited as we were planning to meet up with our foodie friends who also came in from Chicago. Their flight wasn't until the evening so Jared and I walked almost the length of Orchard Road from our hotel to get to the Wisma Atria food court where a friend of ours had recommended a plate of tasty oyster omelettes. We had it twice in Malaysia and were underwhelmed but I think we were just unlucky in finding the best oyster omelette stall. This place came highly highly recommended so I was very excited and willing to brave the continued overwhelming heat and the long walking distance.

Can I tell you how much I love Asian food courts? Jared sent me to hunt for the oyster omelettes while he looked for bbq pork and rice. I quickly found the place and stood in line. I only saw 4 people ahead of me so I thought I'd be in for a short wait. So, yeah, I was horribly wrong. I stood there for a while and nobody was moving! In fact, nobody was ordering? What was going on? I wasn't about to quit so I stood there. In the meantime, I watched through the window a chef working hard in front of a gargantuan wok, with monstrous flames to match. In the wok was a huge vat of Hokkien mee. After a long while, the chef started spooning out the Hokkien mee into plates. I checked the menu and there was a price for a small and a large. I tried to ask the guy in front of me, "Is THAT considered a small?" (because it sure looked big to me!). He glanced back at me, chuckled nervously and then turned back around. Dammit, either he didn't understand me, or he was laughing at my dumb American ways. Either way, I didn't have an answer. But then, I also realized that the reason why the line hadn't moved despite the fact that I was only 5 people out was that they were all waiting for this exact dish! Well, I thought I'd be a fool for not ordering one of these as well.

Lady at Thye Hong making a big vat of Hokkien mee
When I finally hunted Jared down, I found that he had picked up some bbq pork and duck over rice. Ok, so that Hokkien mee was REALLY REALLY GOOD mostly due to the immense amount of wok hei. We found that many of the outdoor food stalls in Penang serving pan fried dishes lacked wok hei. It was probably because they were trying to save on the amount of propane. But we like our food cooked on maximum BTU's! What is funny, is that we missed out on Hokkien mee in KL, which it is supposed to be famous for it. I am glad we got the chance to try a really good one in Singapore. And not to mention the oyster omelette came from the same place so it also had plenty of wok hei and the oysters were plenty and not undercooked. THANK YOU (C.A.) FOR RECOMMENDING THIS PLACE!! The duck and bbq pork were not bad according to Jared, but not worth returning to. He also picked up his daily dose of cendol. This one was also no where near as good as the one in Penang, because it was lacking coconut milk. To sum up, in the game of food selection, the score ended up at Alice: 2, Jared: 0. ding ding! (usually it's the other way around and this time i had some help)

Clockwise from top left: Hokkien mee, oyster omelette, chendol, bbq pork + roast duck over rice

On my way out, I saw this chef at a noodle shop. What was amazing was that he was peeling noodle strands from a brick of dough. Every strand flew from his peeler and straight into the boiling wok. Kind of awesome! Too bad we were already full!
The next day when we went back to Wisma Atria (second floor maybe?) for a quick afternoon bite at Din Tai Fung Dumpling House, a famous Taiwanese chain famous for their xiaolongbao. There are a few in Singapore, but this one happens to be in Wisma Atria . This is probably our first time having real quality xiaolongbao with mouthwatering soup that gushes out as you take your first bite. Wow, I need to go to Taiwan now!

xiaolongbao and shiu mai for high tea
You have to pick it up from the side, because if you try to pick it up from the top, the skin will break and the delicious soup will fall out. That is how delicate the skin is, YUM!
Wisma Atria Food Court, 4th Floor
Din Tai Fung Dumpling House 2nd Floor (I think)
435 Orchard Road