ZSPLIT: SoCal - eataduckimust meets rasamalaysia! / by zhaophotography

Several weeks ago, Jared and I (and Baby Duck, too!) went on a business trip of sorts.  And as you know I like to name all of our vacations, we'll call this ZSPLIT as we ended up parting a few days into our trip.  So our little family of three hopped on a flight to LAX and I am proud to say that Baby Duck was NOT that fussy baby that other passengers glare angrily at.  Phew!  (For all you mothers of infants out there: Our secret was our Mei Tai sling.  Baby Duck falls asleep in it pretty easily so we kept him awake at the airport until about 15 minutes before boarding.  At that time, I put him in the sling and he fell asleep within minutes.  And miraculously he stayed asleep in the sling until about an hour into the flight.  We let him play in our seats until he got tired again and put him back in the sling as I walked up and down the aisle and he slept until we landed!  MAJOR SUCCESS!)

When we arrived our first order of "business" on ZSPLIT was to spend the day with the fabulous Bee of RasaMalaysia.com.  We first "met" Bee a couple years ago after our trip to Penang (the first part of our ZSAT trip) where we ate endlessly and sweated profusely.  Little did we know that this mega food blogger was also from Penang and we quickly bonded over Jared's and my first ever experience eating assam laksa, currently named the 7th most delicious food in the world by CNNGo.  I do not disagree!

Over the years we've become good friends and worked on some mini "projects" together.  (Please excuse my need to use quotation marks so frequently is this post... but they seem to make sense!).  Back in 2009, we guest posted for Bee unveiling Jared's aunt's super secret awesome recipe for crispy pork belly (people of the internet, you're welcome).  And earlier this year we helped her photograph 3 ingredient shots for her upcoming cookbook Easy Chinese Recipes.  And this time, Bee asked us to head on over to SoCal and hang out with her for a day for our third project together.

So, what happens when food bloggers get together?  We eat, chat and eat some more of course!  I like to joke that food bloggers shouldn't meet in person as they risk the chance of being sorely disappointed at the other's real life personalities.  I really only mean us because we are not nearly as interesting as we pretend to be on Eat a Duck I Must!  But as expected, Bee was even more fabulous in person and extremely warm and hospitable.  ;)  We had the best time catching up, exchanging blog stories and eating dishes from her cookbook.  And at the end of the day we also collected some footage and created the following cookbook promo video.   I think it gives you some fun insight to Bee's personality and her life as a blogger, recipe developer, cookbook author and of course as a loving mother.  (Note: we've never actually shot nor edited a video before, but for our first try, I'd like to say... NOT BAD! bwahahaha)

Easy Chinese Recipes by Bee Yinn Low from Rasa Malaysia on Vimeo.

Oh and we couldn't resist putting together a tiny blooper/baby G reel.  Enjoy!!

Easy Chinese Recipes - Blooper Reel from Rasa Malaysia on Vimeo.