Not Food Related: Up Movie Balloon Frames by zhaophotography

Once in a long while, I'll have a semi-original craft idea.  I've been staring at this adorable DIY paint chip project and have been looking for a way to recreate it for the kiddies in my life.  So when I was walking through Michael's and saw this cute balloon shaped hole punch, the rusty DIY wheels began to turn.  My 4 year old nephew loves the movie "Up", which he fondly calls "Up Balloon".  So, the more I kept staring at the balloon hole punch, this idea really started to come alive.  I picked up free paint chip samples from the local Home Depot and scrounged around my paper supply at home and found the perfect printed paper backdrop.  I used foam adhesive squares to create the 3d look behind the balloons and house.  I then scotch taped a few strands of kitchen twine to the house's (freehand cut) chimney just as it is done in the movie!  I couldn't help but create a second for my younger nephew and gave these out as Christmas gifts.  I will admit, neither of my nephews cared for it as they opened my gift last after they opened up mounds of fun toys beforehand.  But let's face it, it's more for us adults than it is for those kids.  At least my sister liked it. ;)

side by side of the two slightly varied versions with my nephews' initials



Cost breakdown per frame Ikea Ribba Frame: $9.99 Paint Chips: Free String: Free-ish Paper Background: Free-ish Foam Adhesives: Free-ish