DIY Crafts: Pillow Mattress by zhaophotography

So I (Alice, that is) have sort of been consumed by pinterest as of late.  I don't pin as much as I just reap in some massive crafting inspiration.  One of the first things I found was this pillow mattress reimagined by Kendra of Southern Disposition.  Her ingenius shortcut using an Ikea duvet cover made it irresistible to remake myself.  And best of all, her method yields not one, but two magical pillow mattresses and all at a pretty low price.

It only took Kendra 45 minutes, but it took me closer to 1.5 hours as I'm a bit of a clutz with the sewing machine.  Um, why is sewing a straight line so difficult?  But behold, check all the positions you can lay the pillow mattress in.  Mrs Broccoli and Mr. Carrot not included in mattress (but they are also Baby Duck's newly acquired friends from Ikea as well).


And a little to my surprise, Baby Duck is in love with it.  He lounges in it at least once every morning, afternoon and evening.  It has made me an extremely happy mama!  The second pillow mattress went to Baby Duck's cousin who immediately used it to comfortably watch his Mickey Mouse tv show.  All of the adults use it fairly regularly as well ;)  Now, I call this a major crafting success.


Cost Breakdown for 2 pillow pattresses made from 1 duvet cover 1 Twin Duvet Cover Set from Ikea $19.99 8 Standard Bed Pillows from Ikea $0.99*8 = $7.92

Extra: Twin Duvet Cover Set comes with a standard pillowcase... additional pillow anyone?