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November 5th, 2010Videoeataduckimust 138 Comments

Our love for food knows no bounds.  This film short is easily the most epic project we’ve ever been a part of and we were incredibly lucky to have been able to work with our friends Sarah and Dan Krusen-Chen- our favorite videography/photography team of all time.  We’ve been a big fan of Sarah’s videography and editing style for a while now.  All of her videos make me want to get married again just to have her shoot our wedding.  So when we started advancing in the contest we realized we would likely have to film the dreaded video challenge.  And to our surprise, they happily obliged when we asked them for help.  (read: they were easily seduced by Jared’s cooking!) Over the course of several meals together, we started churning out crazy ideas such as purposefully faking some bad dubbing, our dog driving a car through a window and levitating ingredients.  Seriously.  Well these were mostly Dan’s ideas!! Fortunately, it all slowly molded into an artsy/moody foodie film short featuring a very sensuous culinary dish.  Ooh la la!

Borrowing heavily from the film noir stylings of Wong Kar Wai‘s (王家衛) In the Mood for Love and 2046, we embarked on this crazy journey to tell the tale of a Smoked Tuna Tataki Trapped in Walnut Smoke.  I’ve never laughed so hard at the two of us being so ridiculous!

In the Mood for Tuna

In the Mood for Tuna from Sarah Krusen on Vimeo.

Shot by Sarah and Dan Krusen-Chen
Edited by Sarah Krusen-Chen

Can’t get enough of Sarah Krusen-Chen?  Yeah, me neither.  Check out of some of my favorite videos she’s created including the most hilarious engagement/music video of all timethe most beautifully shot wedding trailer, and a heartfelt message.  She does all types of videography including weddings, corporate and fashion.

Sarah Krusen-Chen
Videographer and Editor

A little on the conception of this dish:
Smoked Tuna Tataki encapsulated in Walnut Smoke

Smoked Tuna Tataki

The dish was inspired by an amuse bouche we had at Iggy’s in Singapore.  Jared had also recently picked up a large block of chu-toro from our friends Jeff and Kevin (thanks guys!)  With tuna of this quality, less is always more.

Infusing Asian and seasonal flavors, Jared created a marinade of sake, soy sauce, walnut oil and ginger for the chu-toro.

Smoked Tuna Tataki, Ingredients

After a quick marinade, a hot sear on each side of the tuna was just the perfect touch.  A puff pastry base was used for added texture and wasabi and mayo were piped around the tuna to give this dish an added kick.  And well, adding a piece of gold leaf on top doesn’t hurt either ;)

Smoked Tuna Tataki encapsulated in Walnut Smoke

Since walnut oil was used to marinate the tuna, walnuts were torched for the smoke element.  The oily nut releases a milder sweet smoke which was a perfect combination to the rest of this dish.  It also captured the aroma of late fall evening- can you imagine a little bonfire in a forest?  He encapsulated the smoke in a glass and placed it over the dish.  The trapped smoke lightly infused into the fatty tuna and goes perfect with the salty and briny caviar.

Smoking Walnuts

And a couple more gratuitous photos of Jared’s Smoked Tuna Tataki…

Smoked Tuna Tataki encapsulated in Walnut Smoke

Smoked Tuna Tataki encapsulated in Walnut Smoke

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  • Sarah Ly

    This is epic and amazing! Congrats to the videography team and the soon-to-be Oscar nominated acting duo!

  • http://www.eatlivetravelwrite.com Mardi@eatlivetravelwrite

    Ah ha – now I see what mine would have looked like had a professional got their hands on it! Way to got to set the bar! Get baking with pumpkins!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, we will see if we can even make it to the next round.

  • http://savorysweetliving.blogpost.com Savory Sweet Living

    Love it! I’ve seen a couple of Wang Kar Wai’s films, and he’s awesome. You guys definitely captured the spirit of the style. This is a stunning video. I love the dramatic smoke effect from the walnuts at the end. Bravo!

    • Anonymous

      The credit goes to Sarah and Dan. They spent an enormous amount of time getting the lighting condition correct. The smoke shot was a trademark of Wong Kar Wai and it was perfect since I was smoking the tuna.

  • http://savorysweetliving.blogpost.com Savory Sweet Living

    Love it! I’ve seen a couple of Wang Kar Wai’s films, and he’s awesome. You guys definitely captured the spirit of the style. This is a stunning video. I love the dramatic smoke effect from the walnuts at the end. Bravo!

  • http://messycook.blogspot.com Isabelle

    Pure awesome. With a side of awesomesauce, and an awesomecherry on top.
    Your video totally kicks my video’s ass. Not that mine is quite done yet… but there’s no way it could ever reach this level of greatness no matter how hard I tried. I’d be jealous, but I’m still too busy giggling at your serious art film faces. :)

    • Anonymous

      It was hard keeping a straight face while filming, especially during the tear scene.

  • http://messycook.blogspot.com Isabelle

    Pure awesome. With a side of awesomesauce, and an awesomecherry on top.
    Your video totally kicks my video’s ass. Not that mine is quite done yet… but there’s no way it could ever reach this level of greatness no matter how hard I tried. I’d be jealous, but I’m still too busy giggling at your serious art film faces. :)

  • Anonymous

    WOW !! That’s all i’ll say. This definitely raised the bar. Plus what a great way to get introduced to your blog !!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, be sure to come back to check our future post.

  • Anonymous

    WOW !! That’s all i’ll say. This definitely raised the bar. Plus what a great way to get introduced to your blog !!

  • http://twitter.com/fujimama Rachael

    Ok, that is just PURE genius and now I am totally in the mood for tuna myself!

    • Anonymous

      Go get some now!!!

  • http://twitter.com/fujimama Rachael

    Ok, that is just PURE genius and now I am totally in the mood for tuna myself!

  • http://www.wheelsandlollipops.com/ Wheels and Lollipops

    WOW ! Is all I can say, congrats on a job well done and can’t wait to see the next challenge ;;)

  • Amelia from Z Tasty life

    sensational, sensuous, seriously stupendous!!!

  • Jesse G.

    Beautiful film. Had lots of Tarantino overtones.

    • Anonymous

      Tarantino actually used some techniques by Wong Kar Wai in his films. Maybe that is why you see the resemblance.

  • Cart

    I knew it’s going to be 王家衛-styled when I first saw the photos!!! haha

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  • Colinli0119

    ha ha ha~~~what a team!
    I can’t stop laughing~~!
    it’s a fabulous video.

  • http://superduperfantastic.net/ suki

    Wow, I love this! :) Good luck!

  • http://kitchen-confidante.com Liren

    Oh. My. God.



  • http://www.jasmineteablog.com Jasmineteablog

    Wonderfully combine two of my beloved…tuna and Wong Gar Wai! Can’t help laughing! Good luck on your food blog challenge!

  • http://twitter.com/thepeche The Peche Food Blog

    I am completely over the moon with you two. Adore this. Just amazing.

    • Anonymous

      FYI we are nothing like this in real life. well maybe jared, but not me :)

  • Cathy

    That was crazy awesome!

  • http://havesporkwilltravel.wordpress.com/ Have Spork Will Travel

    OMIGOD!!! I was laughing SOOO much throughout this. Thanks guys – I haven’t seen anything this brilliant in a REALLY long time. I love how Jared was molesting the tuna. It was very sensual LOL! ;) And the music was freakin’ amazing. I am so blown away, I don’t even have the words to express how I feel right now. And to top it off, you both look HAWT. :) Seriously Hot. Congrats on such a marvelous piece of Art guys. I am so moved. I am totally inspired and really have to get off my butt now and figure out what the heck I need to do to get to within a billionth of a percentage as good as this! GOOD LUCK!!!! I’m sending this to all my friends. I hope they get it though :p

    • http://havesporkwilltravel.wordpress.com/ Have Spork Will Travel

      And I totally forgot to mention the tear scene – which obviously deserves special mention. Alice, you’re so cute when you do that playful look to the side. So adorable!!

      • http://havesporkwilltravel.wordpress.com/ Have Spork Will Travel

        And more praise… I loved how you guys smoked the tuna. Hilarious beyond words.

        • Anonymous

          that was my favorite scene as well. dan told us to move our big mirror into the kitchen for that shot. brilliant!!!

          • http://havesporkwilltravel.wordpress.com/ Have Spork Will Travel

            How does he come up with that stuff?!? The man has an eye. You just can’t teach that !!

          • Anonymous

            yeah both sarah and dan are very creative. check out their work it is amazing!!! we are a fraction of their abilities.

  • Anonymous

    I’m at a loss for words. That was the most beautiful food video I’ve ever seen.

    • Anonymous

      thanks marc, can’t wait to see your perfect steak recipe.

      • Anonymous

        My video is pretty amateur in comparison to yours. Does the person who
        shot it work in the film industry?


        • Anonymous

          she does editing and shoot videos for wedding/corporate/fashion

          • Anonymous

            not sure if she works in the film industry, maybe she will chime in.

          • Sarah Krusen

            yes i do. :) primarily as an editor.

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  • sippitysup

    I am at a complete loss for words. This is so far ahead of anything any one else will ever do! Beautiful doesn’t even begin… GREG

    • Anonymous

      thanks greg, your kitchen is amazing!!!

  • Dish By Trish, RD

    That video was incredible, to say the least. So sensual and passionate. The music was a perfect choice. Thanks for sharing!! Good luck!!

    • Anonymous

      that was the mood we were going for. but I guessed it is so serious, it is funny.

  • Tekmox

    That video is superb. Left me speechless!

    • Anonymous

      me too and I was in the video.

  • http://www.youfedababychili.com/ Ben


  • http://twitter.com/VinoLuci Barbara Kiebel

    I admit; I have not been here before; I saw one of your obvious fans RT this post and I’m so glad I did. Beautiful video; just perfect…even to the tear.

  • The Chocolate Fig

    There are no words for this post. I have been a fan throughout PFB, but this completely sealed the deal for me. Congratulations, you are an amazing team.

    • Anonymous

      thanks we couldn’t have done it with the help our our friends Dan and Sarah.

  • http://www.abalancedkitchen.com Mindy


  • cynthia

    BRAVO!!! heheh wanted to stand up and clap at the end….. great job you guys!

  • http://havesporkwilltravel.wordpress.com/ Have Spork Will Travel

    Ed’s wondering where Spiderman went. Did he not make the cut?!?!

    • Anonymous

      you would have to wait for the director’s cut extended version unrated super turbo alpha version.

      • http://havesporkwilltravel.wordpress.com/ Have Spork Will Travel

        We await with bated breath for the “director’s cut extended version unrated super turbo alpha version” then :) . Cannot wait.

  • sis

    Well done! I was rolling on the floor laughing so hard. A tear well shed Jared. I want that tuna now.

    • Anonymous

      sure i will make it for you next time you come.

      • Anonymous

        you know it ain’t real b/c you know he can’t cry in real life! -alice

  • Michael Yee

    Brilliant!! Jared looks so serious….

    • Anonymous

      he’s a serious guy! ;) -alice

  • Susan

    I am impressed! The wait and hype was worth it. Great job. I find it hard to believe though this is the same guy that introduced me to the KFC double down, and shares my love of White Castle!!! Ahahaha ($0.40)

    • Anonymous

      Susan we are equal opportunity eaters… just tonight we had polish and pork chop sandwiches for dinner.

  • Anonymous

    My brain just exploded.

    • Anonymous

      one of the best reactions yet! -alice

  • Shinichi Watanabe

    Great, Great, Great!
    Professional work!!

    Feel free to contact us for any more information. We would be honored to help you!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Watanabe San, your knives are a work of art.

  • Gary Wiviott

    Fantastic video, the tear reminded me of Tampopo for some odd reason.

    • Anonymous

      Because it is so unnecessary?!?!?

  • http://thelittleteochew.blogspot.com/ Ju (The Little Teochew)

    You have taken food blogging to a new stratosphere. You’re seriously ahead of your time. We’re all like, light years behind. BRILLIANT! PURE GENIUS. Everyone should see this. Wow.

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHA. Thanks, Ju. I think this is more of a one time deal. We were thinking of retiring this blog and end on a high note. Don’t think we can ever top this.

  • http://bibberche.com Lana

    You had my support from the beginning, and this video just reinforced that. A dish perfect in its simplicity, fantastic atmosphere, wonderful effects, great choice of music, and some fine acting:) Way to go! And kudos to your videographers friends!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Lana for your continuing support. Yes much kudos goes to Sarah and Dan on this one.

  • http://mayssam.tumblr.com mayssam

    Gorgeous, gorgeous video!! VERY Wong Kar Wai and In the mood for love!! I love it!

  • obparker

    gorgeous, sexy…you’ve got my vote!

  • amy (melanie’s roommie)

    this is amazing. makes the tuna look so so so sexy :)

  • Orange & Salt

    that was painfully, painfully……..PAINFULLY awesome. you guys are absolutely my pick to win this whole contest!!! and to reference one of my favorite films, oh my. this couldn’t get much better. you have my vote for sure.

    and now i’m in the mood for tuna. ;)

  • http://chiknpastry.com heather @ chiknpastry

    definitely worth the hype guys!!! i’ll crap my pants if you don’t get the viewers’ choice on this one :) .

  • http://foodnouveau.com Marie (Food Nouveau)

    You’re going to get a gazillion great comments over this awesome video, but I still wanted to add mine. What a great production, very professional! The smoke scene is my favorite, or maybe it’s Jared’s tear, ha! You guys are the best.

  • Frombuenosairestoparis

    Woww !! I’m speechless !! How come you are not in Hollywood,

  • Hot Polka Dot’s Mom

    A work of art. Absolutely brilliant. You smoked it :)

  • Lisa~Koreanamericanmommy

    speechless. dramatic. artistic.

  • http://fotocuisine.com Peter @ FotoCuisine

    Oh, the beauty of this! The simplicity of the food and the video, but both so powerful! The expressions you two have! The way the smoke is used as an ingredient, and emotion! I can’t stop using the exclamation point!

    This is probably the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in the competition.

  • http://ooh-look.blogspot.com Bel

    Maybe Wong Kar Wai will now replace cigarettes in his films with a piece of smoking tuna…

  • http://twitter.com/ohsheglows ohsheglows

    Wow this just blew me away. Breath-taking! I love the creativity and romance of it all. bravo!

  • Anonymous

    Wow – this is a video that is beyond amazing. Not only that, you also made an incredible dish, complete with the smoked nuts at the end. Love it.

  • http://www.saltyseattle.com saltyseattle

    Of course you’ve heard and you KNOW how spectacular this video is, but the element I’m most excited about is the sort of homemade smoking gun you created. I’ve been thinking of picking up a polyscience one, but you’ve sprouted a little idea in me that i think i’d do just as well inventing one using this technique. Bravo, standing ovation. Now, what the f#2k to to with a pumpkin…

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the high praise Salty Seattle. I actually learn this technique from seeing Grant Achatz use it on one of his dishes during the Trio days. I think he still uses this technique now in Alinea. It sure is cheaper than the smoking gun and you can smoke whatever you want. Give it a try!

  • http://www.imadedinner.net Mara @ What’s For Dinner?

    I believe my jaw didn’t close for a few hours after watching this. It was the talk of foodbuzz fest, and I just keep watching it… well done guys… promise to not laugh at my lame video attempt when it goes up!

    • Anonymous

      hahaha i am glad we were a conversation piece at the foodbuzz fest. Glad you liked our video, can’t wait to see your video.

  • Ashley

    The video + photos have left me completely speechless. This should be entered in some sort of short film video contest. I have never seen anything like it, in my life. I watched it in my hotel room with 2 good friends. We were all speechless. Gorgeous…both of you and the food!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Ashley, weren’t there better things to do at FBZfest than watching our video in your room. =) Glad you enjoyed it.

  • http://havesporkwilltravel.wordpress.com/ Have Spork Will Travel

    Voting STILL hasn’t started?! Man…

  • http://theveggie.wordpress.com theveggie

    what style. you’re a creative genius. i keep coming back to this site even though i’m a vegetarian!!

    • Anonymous

      i will try to add some vegetarian dishes on our blog in the future. stay tune

  • Joan Nova

    There’s an Oscar sitting in Hollywood waiting for you! This is, by far, the sexiest food video I’ve ever seen.

  • http://www.thelittlefoodie.com Mariko

    Who wouldn’t be seduced by that sexy food? Lucky girl.
    I heart wong kar wai. You hit on my favorite movie of all time.
    I will go scrape my jaw off the floor now. You just blew all the competition out of the water.

    • Anonymous

      that was the effect i was going for, the raw fish, caviar, gold foil and smoke are all very sexy elements that went perfect with the direction of the video.

  • MarathonVal

    Wow. Just… WOW. You have absolutely outdone yourself. I really don’t even know what to say…. astonishing!!!

  • Lucy

    This video is one of the most amazing amongst all the other PFB contestant’s videos. Thumbs up!!

  • http://www.thecuisinerd.com The Cuisinerd

    As much as the original video is jaw dropping and mind blowing….I have to tell you…I love the commentary. It allows for us to hear your real voice and get a peek into your personalities.

    Beautiful video.

    • http://savorysweetliving.blogpost.com Savory Sweet Living

      I agree, still a huge fan and love the commentary!

      • Anonymous

        maybe if we are nice enough to sarah, she might release an extended version with bloopers.

  • Leila

    truly the best i’ve seen! you capture the sensual nature of food. i absolutely love this post! keep up the good work!
    Leila @ My Barbarian Table

  • Butter

    You guys did an amazing job – OMG.
    Even if the official submission wasn’t your original.
    This was still incredible. BEAUTIFUL. Moving. Powerful. Sexy. Mysterious.

    Soooo beautiful and love your sense of humor in the commentary.”Molesting the tuna” was funny.
    So unique, like no others I have seen so far.
    - Butter
    (from Running On Butter)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the vote! you really need to molest the tuna to get the flavor deep in the fish!

  • Alexandra

    Amazing. This video is truly in a class of its own.

  • http://www.delishhh.com Delishhh

    WOW – what awesome video. You guys should do film! Love it.

    • Anonymous

      only films where we don’t speak =)

  • http://www.deeliciouz.com Dee

    oh my gosh! WOW!

  • http://penspansandpuns.blogspot.com Mhel B

    Brilliant! You have the most fantastic, unique entry… I have seen the 2046 movie years ago (the androids and stuffs). I can say you guys could really make a film, i mean the real deal. Awesome execution. I love the 2046 ideas paralleled with the methods of preparing the tuna. I actually viewed the original version first before the one with the commentaries. You guys perfectly delivered and conveyed the idea that you want us to absorb. The tuna molesting, the blow torching, the robotic hands, the occasional grainy effect that gave a vintage slash indie feel, the pokerface, teary eyes, the plating, and most especially the smoke infusion – that is the climax of the whole film for me. The smoke steaming up is just very dramatic. Hats off to you guys!! You’re on top of my list!!

    • http://penspansandpuns.blogspot.com Mhel B

      and oh yeah, i forgot… Bazinga!!

      • Anonymous

        hahaha love it… Bazinga. The credit goes to sarah and dan for their creative eyes, composition and using with only what we have in our kitchen. what started as a brainstorming dinner session, turned into watching 2046 and the rest is history.

  • http://livlifetoo.blogspot.com/ Kim – Liv Life

    I absolutely loved it!!! You two really put some thought and work into this. Amazing!!! So much detail. Nicely done!!!

    • Anonymous

      we like to give credit to dan and sarah for putting together a story behind the video. otherwise, it would just be boring to watch me cook.

  • http://www.chichoskitchen.blogspot.com Cherine

    Excellent video!

  • Applecrumbles1

    Amazing! It doesn’t get any more professional than that. Voting!

  • meaghan (the decorated cookie)

    The video was incredible! Should be submitted in some kind of indie video/short film/whatever contest that exists that this would surely win :) Awesome.

    • Anonymous

      we whole heartily agreed… Cannes 2011 here we come

      • Anonymous

        jared meant “wholeheartedly” :) – alice

  • http://www.tastewiththeeyes.com/ Lori Lynn

    Not sure which version I like better. Congrats on raising the bar—way high!
    good luck!

  • http://www.debishawcross.com Debi Shawcross

    A whole lot of talent went into this video, both in front of, and behind the camera. Loved watching this one. Well done~congrats!

  • http://rawxy.com/ callie

    holy bajesus – that was amazing! Definitely won my vote.

  • http://willowbirdbaking.wordpress.com Julie @ Willow Bird Baking

    Wow! Totally impressed by the fantastic product — I’m glad I clicked over to see. Beautiful.

  • Amy

    Can you do this for every post now?

  • Jackie

    This is, hands down, my favourite entry. I screamed for Momma Lee to come and watch it with me after I saw it the first time, and it was just amazing. Even now we can’t really stop talking about it. It’s so wonderfully tongue-in-cheek and just… beautiful.

    Well done guys, good luck for this round!

    Jax x

    • Anonymous

      thanks jaxies- what a compliment! I hope Momma Lee liked it too :)

  • http://havesporkwilltravel.wordpress.com/ Have Spork Will Travel

    Favourite Quotes:

    1. “I am Jared”
    2. “hello sexy tuna” + “molesting the tuna” because it’s a nod to me ;)
    3. “ba-zinga!”
    4. “om-nam-nam-nam-nam”
    5. “a-choo” (Alice, you’re so adorable!)

    Thanks for the tip about the searing. I’ve done it in the past, but never consciously. It’s good to keep in mind.
    Best of luck guys!!!

  • Thekitchenwitchblog

    I’m viewing you as 38 of 46 and you are by far my favorite. Spectacular, spectacular!

  • http://www.tiffintales.com Heena @Tiffin Tales

    I’m so sad you couldn’t submit the original video. It’s a genuine work of art – I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched it. But I love this humorous take on that intense video. My absolute favorite!

  • Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot

    Amazing video! The moody lighting and outfits were awesome! Good luck to you!

  • Leslie

    Awesome filmmaking! Beautiful!

  • Renee

    Bravo! Truly amazing. Can’t stop watching it! Good luck to you both!

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  • http://www.meatlovessalt.com Julie | meat loves salt

    i just watched this and, oh my goodness… i love wong kar wai, and i totally love this video! love the inclusion of the typewriter shots and the reflections. amazing!

    • http://www.meatlovessalt.com Julie | meat loves salt

      i’m also curious to know what the song is you used.

      • Anonymous

        Siboney by Connie Francis. This song was used throughout 2046. Glad you liked the video!!

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